Nehemiah Relief Fund stands with North Korean refugees and their children as well as the forgotten 25 million people in North Korea.

Help us restore their freedom and lives today.

North Korean refugees dream of life and freedom. We can make it possible together.

The 2R + 1E solution.



Until refugees reach a safe country, they live under constant threat of exploitation and arrest. Displaced women and children are especially vulnerable to trafficking, sex slavery, and forced marriages.

NRF provides shelters and helps North Korean refugees relocate to a safe country.



Each month, countless refugees are captured and repatriated to North Korea.
Fear of arrest and deportation prevents refugees from seeking help when they become ill.

NRF saves refugees at times of worst emergencies.
NRF also brings medical assistance to refugees to ease their pain and suffering.



Neglected in the blind spot are North Korean refugee children whose refugee mothers were deported or have gone MIA. They have little hope without intervention.

NRF empowers refugees physically, emotionally, and spiritually through these programs:

  • Scholarships for Refugee Children
  • Internships and Training for Refugees
  • Vision Trips to the U.S.
  • Mentoring Programs for Refugees

We rescued 59 North Korean refugees in 2018.
This year, we aim to rescue 300.
Help us in our #300BrickCampaign.

$3,000 brings new life and freedom to one North Korean refugee.

Basic Needs


We provide essentials like meals, water and clothes to refugees as well as additional necessities to ensure refugees' good health and dignity.



We accommodate North Korean refugees and rescue staff in safe shelters throughout their escape journey.



We quickly respond to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Any unspent amount is transferred to another rescue.



We fund transportation, possible fees and fines, as well as hiring of underground rescue staff who make escape possible.



We help refugees find a new home in South Korea. We also help them realize their full potential through our Empowerment Programs.



We cover expenses for communications between NRF, underground rescue staff, and refugees, as well as salaries for the staff.

Rescue, relieve, and empower the North Korean people

with the #300BrickCampaign.

Your generosity can change 300 North Koreans' lives.

It takes $3000 for 1 North Korean refugee to embark on a journey to freedom and new life.
You can make it a reality.

Who we are

Nehemiah Relief Fund (NRF) is an international relief NGO established by missionary Kenneth Bae who was detained in North Korea for 2 years. NRF rescues North Korean refugees, provides them with emergency relief, and empowers their lives in their resettlement.