It’s our goal to see them healed and restored and help them to see who they are with immeasurable value and worth.

They would be able to see their beauty; that they would be able to see that they might be worth more.

Without a long-term aftercare program, it is not just enough for North Korean refugees to survive. Aftercare programs provide individualized care and education for North Korean refugees, providing them the opportunity to heal from their trauma and initiate their future.

Trauma-informed care & counseling

North Korean Refugees in our care receive trauma-specific counseling from qualified Korean staff. Counselors play an important role in each individual’s gradual recovery toward healing, resiliency, and health.

Education to maximize their potential

As a qualified and licensed education provider; survivors not only have the opportunity to re-adjust their education but enable them to graduate and progress to higher education and vocational opportunities.

Interest-based opportunities

We help each North Korean refugee find out and develop their own unique set of skills and gifts by having partnership with local organizations outside.

Our community center is designed for North Korean refugees, but we do offer helpful programs for international people to mingle with North Korean refugees on case-by-case basis.

Local partnership

NRF is committed to offering necessary resources through peer-to-peer partnerships that will produce more rescues of North Korean Refugees.

Partnering with children and teens

The children in this community are strong, resilient, smart beautiful, and motivated. They drive our program forward by sharing their interests and dreams with us. It’s a privilege to follow their lead and watch as dreams become reality.

Educational sponsorships

We believe that education is power, and these kids are nation-changers. Most parents in this community can’t afford tuition or school supplies. Gradually, we send a few kids to school for the very first time. This program continues to expand by serving more families.

Skills training and tutoring

We offer a wide range of classes and activities for NK refugees from 13-40 years old. Volunteers and staff lead classes in entrepreneurship, English, computer, public speaking, and more. Young children and babies often come to the center for a safe place to play and be cared for during the day.

Are you looking for a practical way to help North Korean refugees who have been suffered? You can support one of North Korean refugees in our care by becoming their sponsor. Be their encourager and defender as they take on the challenge of healing from the past and redesigning their future.