about us

Our Mission

Nehemiah Relief Fund (NRF) is an international relief NGO established by missionary Kenneth Bae who was detained in North Korea for 2 years. NRF rescues North Korean refugees, provides them with emergency relief, and empowers their lives in their resettlement.


As of now, we hear something miserable – that thousands of North Korean refugees (women and girls) are exposed to sex slavery, sex trafficking and forced marriages.

Heartbreakingly, these displaced people have been forced to flee across an international border due to famine, miserable poverty, and all different kinds of maltreatments. North Korea has been horribly fall behind in the areas of human rights and freedom to choose what they believe. Particularly, women are vulnerable to various and hideous damages such as physical abuse and mental disease from their living environment.

NRF has been working to support them in this effort and will continue to do so as long as we have your support.

NRF helps North Korean refugees through education, economic empowerment, and case-considered care. Through love and sincere friendship, we are watching hope and life sprout in the lives of these families.

Our community is constantly bustling with North Korean women and children. We are amazed by their determination, resilience, and confidence as they rediscover their futures and imagine the possibilities for themselves.

Your support enables us to walk alongside these North Koreans, and continue to be their cheerleaders, encouragers, and friends.